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I got a job! Probably parament one!

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I got a job! I’ve known about it for a few days, but it’s only now that I feel more realistic, because I’m starting tomorrow. And I’ll be getting up about 5 hours earlier than last year.

Am I scared? Sure! Am I happy? Of course!

Sleeping till noon will not happen so frequently, but… Despite my anxiety, I can see a lot of positives before starting work. The interviews were nice. Like me, I was babbling (once I even had to ask my future boss to erase what I had said from my mind), I stuttered a little and thought in silence, so I was myself. I’m proud of myself because from the beginning I asked for part-time. There was no problem with that. Great!


Once I burned stupidity, which I would regret very much elsewhere. Without asking, I said that my priorities in life are a bit different than that of many people and that money is not the most important thing for me, but health. After all, it couldn’t be so bad, I got the job!

Do you know what’s the best? Really THE BEST? During the interview, I said that sometimes I feel terrible and asked if we could agree so that if I needed I would take a day off and then work off those hours, and they said that with a migraine I would not be useful to them anyway, so sure.

To tell the truth I have a feeling it will be ok. I suspect that I got away with it because I have a cool CV. I would never have thought about it like that because there are more internships and little work, but apparently, it is.

And … I have StrokeTales in it, so I did not make a big secret of the disease.  I could have because the recruiter can’t ask about my health (that’s what I heard, to be checked), but I decided that there is nothing bad about it, it’s a huge part of my life. I often wonder about this element of my CV, after all, I am writing here very colloquially and emotionally, and when I am emotional, I do not even have the strength to correct texts, so they are not the best. For some it will be a big plus, for others it will be a minus. For some, honesty will be a plus, for others what I said may be disqualifying.

I honestly thought that working after a stroke would not really be possible. I know my limitations like no other, at the same time I know how to overcome them wisely.

I’m scared, sure, but without a stroke, I’d be scared too. Because I’m one of those people who don’t believe in themselves.

What is this job, you will ask? And I will answer;)

I will be working in the municipal family support center. I’m surprised, too! I wonder if my attitude towards life can stand it. Can I avoid singing loudly at my desk? Will I be drying my head in the morning for the sake of appearance and whether I will be wearing make-up

Tomorrow’s first day, I’m going to take a look at the dress code there as I have a feeling I will need to buy some clothes.


Apart from getting a job, the best part of all is that I will be taking part in a socially important thing and maybe my job will bring some good to the world. I will be working on a foster care project. We hope that the project will encourage new people to become foster parents. My heart is already sold to the idea, although I’m a little afraid it will be sold too much.


After my mother and auntie, I know that the times of drinking coffee in offices are over, so I expect serious and difficult responsibilities. On the other hand, as far as I know, work in the municipal offices is stable and has a lot of benefits, including thirteens salary, paid holidays as provided for in the law. I guess that in this place it will be similar.


Well. you already know most of this, so I will ask for:

Good thoughts

Good luck wishes,

Congratulations and applause! : D