in my opinion stroke survivors

Just to remind you woman who took selfie during her stroke

This video has been online for few years, but I’ve seen it just recently. Maybe someone else haven’t watched it:

You don’t need to listen to what she says to see her face dropping, understand that she is struggling with the hand. She talks about other things too. For example about feeling numb. Or about the fact, that she had been released from hospital just recently.

She recorded the video to show her doctors what was her problem before symptoms were gone. Quick reaction and taking the phone can seem bit funny, but it helped doctors to diagnose her with three TIAs. Without video they thought that she was feeling badly from being tired or something like that.

Stacey Yepes was driving home (i had TIA behind the wheel too). Now she says that she keeps receiving messages from friends and strangers, that this vid helped someone to recognize a stroke.

She was in her mid-fifties and was healthy. No fags, high level of cholesterol or blood pressure. These TIAs are still a secret for her. Luckily they weren’t a prelude to full, big, life-changing stroke. Ms. Yepes didn’t suffer from one.

Now i think that such video makes more for stroke awareness than many of organized campaigns. Maybe not. But it must be helping. I didn’t record my second stroke, but my face didn’t drop and it wouldn’t be anything spectacular.

I talked to my brother while my journey in ambulance and he kept convincing me that i will be ok.
That was my BTW. What’s more important here, I’d like to encourage you to watch this video and – if possible – to share it among your friends. This can teach a lot of people to recognize one of the most common symptoms of stroke. And might save lifes.

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