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Miss Madzia has left me. Thank you for everything…

My miss Madzia changed her place of living. That means that I am abandoned. I mean, I don’t have physiotherapist. But still, i want to tell you how much I owe her.

I owe a lot.

for example: 

  • that I was able to run to the bus today
  • that I’m able to walk straight
  • that I don’t fall every time I step on a grass
  • that I know how important is resting
  • that being systematic is super important in a process of regaining health,
  • that I always should tell if something is wrong,
  • that I’m not afraid to ride a bike
  • that before I do something crazy I think about consequences,
  • that my muscles don’t shake the moment I start using them,
  • that I don’t pity myself
  • that I fell less lonely,
  • that I can do a proper plank,
  • that  eat once in a while my favourite sweets,
  • that I’m motivated,
  • that my palm rehabilitation process doesn’t  consist of beans only

Twice a week, miss Madzia was my bit of sunshine. She has huge credit in giving me back to the world. I love her like a friend, rather than like a hired specialist. That’s why that suggestion of a kind „you didn;t have t buy her a gift from holidays” don’t make any impression on me.

Anyway. I think she’s liked me too.

Thank you, Miss. For everything. I wish you best of luck in the next place.

Well. It’s been only a full week, but I really want to say that.

I miss you already.

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