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What were you doing when your stroke happened?

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What were you doing when your brain stroke happened? I, myself, didn’t think about it much, but people keep asking me. And suddenly… I saw one topic on the Internet forum where strokies were sharing this information. I collected more, reminded myself stories from hospitals, and my readers. List surprised even me. It was diversified. And long. Now I am able to present thrilling collection which seems to scream „come on, it can happen anytime. Anywhere. To everyone”

let’s go then. I had

I had a stroke:

  • just after waking up
  • in work, during preparing to a hard day in the car rental place
  • while walking my dog
  • at the beginning of my job
  • during my afternoon nap
  • while Muay Thai work up
  • falling asleep
  • while driving
  • playing games n computer
  • during sex
  • gardening
  • during my wedding
  • on a couch while talking to my son
  • while talking to people from the stage
  • while sleeping
  • eating
  • during my holidays
  • during brain surgery
  • at a party in night club
  • while talking  on the phone
  • on my way to work
  • in taxi
  • during my jog
  • under the shower
  • while working
  • on the dentist chair
  • during my appearance in the news
  • while brushing my teeth
  • in the airport
  • on the football training
  • at the birthday party of my nephew
  • while vacuuming
  • working n the computer
  • while smoking
  • watching TV
  • in the hospital bed
  • while crying after the death of my cat
  • while shopping
  • cooking something
  • at hairdresser’s
  • while feeding my 5 months old baby
  • in autobus
  • while walking…

And me?

  • while driving a car
  • in toilet
  • while riding the bike

please remember that brain stroke is a very serious thing. and as it can happen at any unexpected moment, remember most common symptoms of it:

it can be a huge pain, loss of sight, loss of control in legs, loss of balance, for me once the world just felt weird, like it was spinning in a strange way… these videos show only main symptoms, but the usually occur.

Let’s hope that you will never have to answer the question about the place you have had stroke;)