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About me

I don’t remember Christmes of 2014. I spent it in hospital on a stroke ward> I was in a a very bad condition after severe brain stroke. I was 25 then and I had no idea that my life was going to change rapidly.

My name is Kasia and this is an English version of my website. I started blogging because after my stroke I went online and didn’t find what I was looking for. Hope and data how my life was going to be like. The feeling that sharing my experience could be helpful for others was strong enough to decide on founding my Sometimes just saying „heyy, you are not alone here, i’ve been there!” is enough to make someone more comfortable with everything around:)


sherlock i jaa

Before my stroke I was pretty clever, lazy girl (woman?:o) who liked art, politically incorret songs and jokes, writing,  driving car, books, traveling, and most of all finding out about the world’s diversity on my own skin. Once, when I was lying in bed for 3 afternoons because i cought a flu, I kept asking my flatmate „am I old now? am I old?”.

I was working here and there, been a journalist, worked in a publishing industry, I was taking part in every interesting project that life gave me. Now I’m reminding myself  rules of grammar and my main goal is „not to give up”. On daily basis I rehabilitate myself, fight and write about these fights. And everything around them.

I decided to translate my website to English to practice the language and give an insight into my world to my English-speaking friends. Maybe again it will be useful:)

If you have any remarks, questions, insults, or just would like to tell me „hello”  use this form to contact me. It’s always nice to know that someone is reading what you are writing:)



I’m not a medician or physiotherapist. I just write  what worked for me and what didn’t work. What I heared and what I saw. What I experienced. I’m not professional though. I check the data I’m providing but you know, I’m a stroke a stroke survivor, there must be problems and mistakes bigger than grammar might appear. For them I’m relly sorry.

I wouldn’t like to give any advices. If you are feeling inspired with the way I’m treating myself and would like to try similar things, please consult it with someone smarter than me. Please!



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  2. Louis

    Czesc Kasia,

    Jestem Louis i jestem francusem. Mam 26 lat. Mial uderzenie.
    Moge wysłać prywatną wiadomość?


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