Gallery of the faces: I called. It was marvelous!

I have a friend who is a fellow strokie. I might have mentioned him before, but I’m no sure. He’s a young French guy who suffered the stroke in Poland.

His stroke caused a big number of problems, such as aphasia, troubles with moving, spasticity… But this guy is determined to get better and gradually improves his health. Moreover, he does good things to the disabled community. He even plans his own blog:)

When we speak on Skype, he seems to be like me. My first impression was like: if I didn’t know, i would have thought that he had stroke problem. Normal boy, maybe looks for English words bit longer than a normal, fluent speaker, but you know stereotypes about French people & English;) my small experience shows that in France it’s easier to find a Polish speaker than English speaker. Anyway;)

I asked him what he had been doing lately, cause I know his internship finished. And he responded with a wide smile:

Today, for example, I made a phone call. It was marvellous! Splendid… A year ago, no! Half a year ago I wouldn’t do that. It was impossible. And now I called!

Marvelous. Great. Splendid!

That’s really great. Don’t be mistaken, there is no irony, I find such news great.

myself, I phone people, but not officials. And I still struggle, so it’s easy to share his joy.

I really can’t help smiling when I think about it:) Can you?




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