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life after stroke – conference meeting

Again crazy week with the even crazier weekend.

I think that I should be prepared for unexpected by now and in a way I am but from time to time I have small pinches of the feeling which I like: yaaay, my life isn’t as boring as I usually think!

anyways. on Tuesday my fellow strokie, Louis Gustin, invited me to a conference(meeting, whatever you should call it) to Warsaw. As a proper yes-woman, I agreed immediately, not even thinking about it. I thought that it would be pretty cool to meet Louis and even cooler to find out more about

life after stroke.

not mine, but others. at one point I asked what would be the character of me presence three and I found out rust I’d be a guest.  Even better! I’m taking part in an event, they even provide accommodation and I even don’t have to expose myself.  Which I hate.

I’d rather give exposure to others.

for example Claire Cambier, the woman who is deaf and gave the powerful speech on disability.  I have to admit that I couldn’t focus enough to understand everything she said but seeing a disabled person who, against all odds, gave this wonderful speech was amazing. I can’t wait until Louis shares the recorded video. I really want to go deeper into her words.

yesterday, when The Time Was Coming, an organiser told me that I would take part in a q&a (questions and answers) part of the meeting.  meaning, well, I would have been exposed.  And I would have been speaking publically. Meaning I should have been prepared.

who would have said that Kasia Siewruk will be speaking after seeing this poster? me not;p

oh well.  I had told my story so many times that I should be ok I thought. and I think it went well enough. cant be sure because I was so stressed that I don’t remember many of the things I said. like most of them.

one of these which I remembered is that I said, that recently my hobby has been dating.  It stroke me in the toilet.  why, why my god, i said such thing? I don’t remember the context, so really I doubt know whether any of my real hobbies would go with it.

my dear readers, I’m pretty sure  that I tried to joke(;

I remember vividly the moment of informing the audience that numbers show that 1 of every 6 people will have a brain stroke.

1 of 6.

I remember, how faces of the audience changed.  They became tense. few people were looking as if they. were Scott to escape.  I didn’t know that this information could shock people. Apparently, it could and can. it shows that sooner or later each and every person will have to deal with a brain stroke. if it will not hit himself, it will happen to his mom; it grandpa.  Or brother.  Or one of the friends.  Or a kid of the friend.

That’s why raising stroke awareness is superimportant. knowledge is important. First moments are important but also handling it later.  Good treatment and rehabilitation is important but also hope.

There we were.  3 strokies with different goals and experiences.

With different goals, but a common dream: to live as healthy as possible, and reach „normality”.

you know me.  Bit crazy, very chaotic, you can find my story here and on my polish website. thou don’t know Louis Gustin, whose hand still doesn’t move at all.  Who had aphasia and whose first word was said 2 months after the stroke. It was „we” (yes in French).

Louis is more of the political activist.  He brought the issue to the gates of Europarlament during his internships. it’s not only about stroke survivors but all handicapped.  He is one of the real stroke heroes. When he gets a job he’ll be even bigger one.

and there was Carston who was TIA victim.  after 45 minutes he was back to normal.  that’s why he conducted the meeting that well.  he had the experience of stroke, and he knew the experience of being helpless.

as far as I remember he conducted the meeting almost in the perfect way.

I regret only a few thighs.  Firstly, we all spoke about life after, but no-one really stated the symptoms . Ok, it was possible to deduct most of them, but couldn’t we say





we could have.  We should have.

second thing is that I would prefer to be prepared.  I wouldn’t have missed things I would like to state.  I didn’t. Oh well.

One of the things that I laughed about was calling me „one of the most influential stroke bloggers in Poland”. Oh come on, there are like 3 or 4 if us, we are all very influential 😀 but yeah, that sounded very serious.  if I didn’t speak, our audience could have really thought that I can be the serious influencer. Or just serious.

This event was a small one, but I could see in the faces of people that cared to listen to us that we moved them.  And that means that we somehow made a difference:)

that’s the important thing.  for me at least.

Thank you, Louis and College of Europe for the invitation.

Thank you, Louis for a coffee, meal and company of you and your great friends:)

I just wish I could stay in Warsaw longer.  it would be nice to meet with MY FRIENDS also.  well, it’s only 500 km, soon.  (;

now I have a huge headache which doesn’t go away.  I’m just tired.  wanted to go for my shooting practice after returning to Szczecin, but im too tired.

a huge headache. Bit of nausea.  Somebody hug me, please! (((;


please visit Louis’s website! he’s real influencer ;p and a great guy.



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