Stairs. So normal. So scary.


When you are disable nothing can cause bigger frustration. I’m somehow certain.

If you don’t walk well, stairs are effective tool of keeping you from the world. They are barier bigger than kerbstones and, I’m somehow convinced,  they are boat problem of people worth disabiliTy in the movement area.  Living on the first floor without elevator can be disaster which doesn’t let you do anything outside. You can’t go to doctors,  for shopping or anywhere workout external help.  So simple and so tragic.

I remember learning to walk the stairs after first stroke.  There were few conditions under physiotheraposts were willing to take me to stairs.  One: I must have been  stable enough.  Second: I must have been asegúrate at all times.  Going alone was out of discussion.  And it’s good to ask for help.  Believe me, for own comfort and security,  it’s better to be assecurated.

probably that’s why my bones are still OK:)

I’m after 2,5 brain strokes and just found that I’m in a weird place.  Walking up is non problematic at all,  but going down the stairs suddenly became problematic.  I feel less balanced.  As if my leg was working bit worse.  As if I delayed the movement of my left limb. It makes me crazy.  Every step is like a threat. Two steps – one stair?  Its like disaster. My physiotherapist would scream on me – But working on  bad patterns is doing harm.

So I try to keep my balance and beat my fears, work on my feet and walk.  That’s why I don’t use elevator in hospital i’m at the moment.

To tell the truth I think it’s about my fears and psychological burden. Once in my life I was in the situation that stress and depressive thoughts were affecting my body.  Feeling that it’s similar problem is big.  So I just keep going. And it will improve:)


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