my stroke rehabilitation

Parasport, my my disability, my doubts.

And if I am too healthy? (((;

shooting range comptetion shots Sometimes this question bugs me. Unbelievable. But only in the context of shooting.

I’ve been shooting in the sports club for a while now and it became my best hobby.

It is funny, astonishing and worrying at the same time.

I`ll explain to you what it is about.

Parasport (a so-called sport done by the disabled) is a category for the physically disabled. I hadn`t known about it until I started to fix papers for an international competition which was very important for me (I write about it here) – then I realized that parasport is a category for people without a leg, without a hand, with paresis, paralysis, spasms and so on and not for those who have problems w chronic tiredness, problems with reading or cognitive problems, with aphasia or mental impairment. Simply that.

And me?

Well, my physical disability expresses with subtlety – I don`t have a normal feeling in my left hand, I still have impairment of my left hand which is a stiff. My left foot toes still switch form spasms to bending upwards. Sometimes, when I don`t remember to remember I start to limp a little (grrrrrrrrrrrr).

Once, a friend from my club told me that you cannot see anything when you look at me. And it is true.

But will the doctor qualifying consider me disabled enough? Maybe… I don`t know.

I`m thinking about all of it because soon I`m going for my first competition and I`m extremely excited and even happier. But what if some doctor on my way considers my too healthy to shoot in the competition for the disabled?

I don`t know how it works and I`m afraid because of not knowing.


You may say „Ask your coach” and I say „No”. I have my reasons;)

I was laughing that if they don`t allow me to shoot I will cut off my left hand. And although I understand that such jokes don`t amuse everyone, I giggle like a crazy person.

But don`t you worry. I am not crazy. I wouldn`t like to be more disabled than I am now. For the record.

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