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I’m in shock! Fifth stroke rebirthsday and traditional list of changes for better

Kasia - na Cyprze. selfieAmazing. 5 years ago today I had a brain stroke. So now I am 85- year old woman (i have many needs of pensioner), 30 yo. woman (in my ID), 5 yo (counting from my rebirthday), and 14 – because of my silly attitude to the world. And I’m alive.

If you happen to be my follower, you know that each year on the 21st of December I publish a list of things that changed in my life for better. If I don’t see them, I force myself to find some. 

After 5 years I know, that life after stroke consists of both violets and shit, and it is worth finding violets. Diseases are overwhelming and bring mostly sorrow and pain. This time of the year I am ready to acknowledge that I’m alive. that’s pretty cool;)

Today is no exception. I’ve just returned from holiday, sat in front of a computer and I’m thinking about last year. Except for the bad beginning (the illness of grandpa), this year was not that bad. It was mostly about laughing. The year before had been really bad, so my list was very poor. Now it’s easier. A lot easier. then, ladies and gentlemen, 

What changed for better after my stroke?

  1.  I don’t have a job which I hated, 
  2. I had a job in a place that I loved with my full heart, 
  3. for the first time, I felt that my job was appreciated
  4. I learned how to knit
  5. a hole in my heart was fixed
  6. I focus on myself
  7. I found fix everything that’s broken in me – from teeth, through hormones up to the nails, 
  8. I have the energy to learn new things
  9. blogging gives me huge amounts of satisfaction
  10. I see that I help people
  11. I eat healthier
  12. i go out to the people again
  13. I met some great people
  14. I try to keep the distance
  15. I take care of my health
  16. I know the reasons for my sun allergy
  17. I found the greatest, lovely and best psychologist and working with her gives me shockingly good results
  18. Radek came back to Poland
  19. I have the first thing in my life that I’m proud of – of course, it is about, polish, main version of this blog, 
  20. the blog gives me satisfaction,
  21. I’ve learned Spanish enough to communicate. by myself. 
  22. I don’t have to give rides to my grandma, 
  23. I have a collection of goats figures,
  24. I understand people better, 
  25. I don’t get these super long depressive states so often
  26. I get rid of things instead of buying them, 
  27. I found out nature again
  28. i have a hammock!:)
  29. I can do things in WordPress, 
  30. I need less and less help from others, 
  31. I have Netflix!:D
  32. I’ve spent plenty of time on Cyprus
  33. I had a nice boyfriend, looking for a better one, 
  34. I date a lot:)
  35. I don’t let people get to me that much, 
  36. I don’t drink alcohol
  37. I drink plenty of water
  38. I can keep order around me
  39. I earn some money with the thing I love -writing!
  40. I tried crocheting
  41. I started to shoot and take part in the competitions
  42. I’m proud of myself
  43. the ‚why not’philosophy brings good outcomes
  44. i want to do sports, 
  45. I eat healthier
  46. i have good antidepressants, 
  47. I learn to be kind to myself, 
  48. I’m braver, 
  49. I look at life in a more realistic way
  50. I think about myself first, others – secondly
  51. I try to keep things simple
  52. I don’t buy tons of books anymore, instead – carefully selected ones, 
  53. I pay for the rent half of that I used to
  54. and so on… 

And now I’m starting to prepare food for the Christmas party with my friends. I don’t have much power, as I was running and looking for a Christmas tree, but don’t worry – I picked the easiest recipe. 

And I’ll tell you one thing. I wasn’t supposed to write texts on the old version of my blog, but there is no new version and this date is way too important to keep silent:) 

Happy Christmas time! I wish you lots of health, love and also millions of nice coins to pay for your living and dreams that will become truth!:)

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