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Me and Tara – I love my dog so much!:)

To tell the truth, since I moved out of my parents I have wanted a dog. very much. very very much. and when I decided on having one, I started searching for my new BFF. I overcame many difficulties like price  (when I was looking at purebred dogs), the size (my puppy to be from the shelter suddenly got huge, and I really need small dog), and changes of the time of pickup.

Now I have a dog. Three months old dachshund which has just discovered that the walls can be bitten as well.

I fell in love immediately, but it does not mean that we do not have problems.

tara is hitting everything around, doesn’t want to spend time in her bed, she pees everywhere but the mat but it doesn’t matter. I run with the toilet paper roll, clean, play, ignore when needed. my only problem is that i still have not been able to walk her outside. and she was supposed to walk me!

physical activity after stroke is essential, walks are important and Tara will make me systematic in this matter. it’s so simple!

so we play, I send people poor pics of her (she moves so much and can’t take good one) and I’m waiting patiently for the possibility of walking her. I know that Tara is a big responsibility and will bring enormous joy to my life. problems too, of course. walking her while migraine attack will be like reliving the worst nightmare I’ve ever had.

But now there is no nightmare, only joy and huge amounts of love.

be prepared to receive spam with Tara’s pics. Enjoy while she’s still been adorable! Soon she will be a grown-up and she will transform from cute to a dachshund. You know what i mean;)

ah, one more thing. it’s not like she’s sleeping all the time. But I can take a pic of her when she’s peaceful. When not, she’s too lively;)

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