in my opinion stroke survivors what have I learned after stroke

The pain and the pain are not the same

You do not have to look into the calendar to feel that spring has come! generally, it is wonderful, but also it means a few things:

  • more sun,
  • more walks,
  • less sleeping in the morning,
  • chilling in my hammock.

Great, but there is another ‚but’. For me it also means:

  • joint pain,
  • face-ache (my whole face hurts),
  • itchiness after every small  exposure to the sun,
  • nettle rash.

Yeah, it all comes with my lupus. I have to tell you though, that in my case my pain is survivable. It just exists.

To tell the truth, many things hurt. Leg, join, ovary, throat etc., – but for me it’s ok. It just exists.

For me the biggest disaster is HEADACHES.

They started after my brain stroke and are one of the biggest issues affecting my everyday life. Even with the relatively small headache, I do not function on the normal pace. on average one I stop to exist, on a big one – I have a feeling that world collapses on me, life doesn’t make any sense, and with huge… I cry and hug into the ice bag having almost suicidal thoughts.

why am I telling you this since everyone gets headaches from time to time and this these are always subjective experiences?

I am writing it because I noticed that even the slightest headache (and toothache caused by nerves irritation) makes me unworkable. It does not allow me to function in any way.

it is weird because the pain should be the pain. It hurts, you get the sensation. It does not work like that. the pain is a thing experienced in a different way by each and every person.

each of us experiences pain in a different way.

And it is completely ok. Your pain is your most personal experience. And you have right to it and live throughout the pain in a way that eases it. You do not have to be strong when you don’t want to.

Don’t let others tell you how you should act when it hurts because they are not living your pain.

They do not know. I don’t know how your pain feels like, because I do not live with it.

I know that for me a headache is horrible and I’m finally not ashamed to be in bed when it starts. That’s my win:)))

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