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Finally! Website about spasticity is here!

With slight delay I may present you website with complex knowledge about spasticity:

Right now only in English, but the website is going to be translated to other languages (including Polish, that’s great news for my Polish readers;) The morethe better i guess. I think the site will be available for more than English speakers:)


For example next questions are waiting to be answered. You may remember that we (me and you, my readers) submitted some questions too.

To tell the truth I’m certain that the website will do many good things researches show people know about spasticity less than they should. Often they don’t even know what they are suffering from. This website is a first place online (I’m certain for like 99,99999999%) that collected important all basic and lot of non-basic data about spasticity. Actually it helped also me, and even before i wouldn’t call myself ignorant in this matter.

As some of you remember, I was Polish member of a board that had a pleasure to consult this spasticity website. Now it’s not only pleasure, now I’m really proud.

I’m somehow convinced that many (not only strokies!) will benefit from this project. This site arms us with weapon necessary to fight this condition:) And I’m not (sadly;ppp) paid to tell this, I really mean it:)

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